Month: February 2561

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Algaeba conducted product trial with Farida Hatchery

Algaeba teamed up with Farida Hatchery, in Chachoengsao Province during January 2018 conducting product trial. The result was promising with confidence that Algaeba’s Chaetoceros Concentrate can be used in the hatchery without any problem.  Algaeba will be conducting another trial to confirm the true benefit of our product in March-April at Algaeba’s Facility. 

February 19, 2561 0

Angel Investor Site Visit

Ponsan, one of our angel investors, paid a visit to early days of Algaeba. He discussed some of the applications of microalgae with Chetnuwat, our COO. 

February 19, 2561 0

Algaeba made it to the final pitching round at Sprint Accelerator Thailand 2018

  Algaeba made it to final round of Sprint Accelerator Thailand, the 1st Deep Tech Accelerator in Thailand. Although we didn’t win the prize, we got more experiences that we will use to improve our business and make it a successful venture. Thank you #SprintAcceleratorThailand #SprintGraduate1 #SasinEntrepreneurship #SCG #TCELS #HoustonTechnologyCenter #KX

February 18, 2561 0