Insect larvae counting application

Tap into precision aquaculture with every count, anywhere, anytime

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instead of manual counting

insect larvae needs optimal stocking density

r&d to produce sustainable feed need productive and efficient broodstock yet we are doing it manually….
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NEW! SeaThru COUNTER Mobile … for insect larvae counting

LINE OA : SeaThru COUNTER Mobile

LINE OA : SeaThru COUNTER Mobile

“SeaThru COUNTER Mobile offers an innovative and user-friendly solution for insect-protein professionals. Harnessing the power of advanced mobile technology, it provides fast, accurate, and hassle-free counting for insect larvae. The first introduction is black soldier fly larave(5-day olds) and black soldier fly larvae (> 5-day olds).

Designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in hatcheries and farming operations, this app streamlines the counting process, allowing for real-time data access and management directly from your smartphone. Ideal for on-the-go monitoring, SeaThru COUNTER Mobile revolutionizes insect protein production, R&D, quality control, production management by delivering precision and convenience right at your fingertips.” *API is also available for app/web/service integration.

Fast & Accurate

– Less than 15 seconds per image – > 95% accuracy

No upfront fee

Instead of spending many thousands USD on the device… try our service for free (30 credits)


count your larvae through popular LINE chatbot

Open API

Offer open API for your own integration

New user registration 

This video explains how new user can register to our system for Counting trial with 30 credits for free.