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Thai Fairy Shrimp Starter Kit

Boost color and fitness to your lovely fish with this live feed cultured by yourself at home hassle-free.

This kit provides 150-300 fairy shrimps per capsule growing to 1-1.5 cm size within 7 days after hatching. In the kit, we provide 6 capsules for you. 

Price: 10 USD/kit

Thai Fairy Shrimp (>60% protein + Astaxanthin)

Moina macrocopa Starter Kit

Increase survival rate to your newly hatch fish (siam betta, guppy, cichlid, gold fish, pompadour, etc.) with our Moina macrocopa starter kit. 

This kit provide with 15 days of live moina supply.

Price: 8 USD/kit 

Moina macrocopa in Action (>60% protein, suitable for new fry)

Green Water Concentrate

Once you are good with both Thai Fairy Shrimp Starter Kit and Moina macrocopa Starter Kit, then, you may look for green water concentrate to help support your live feed cultures at larger scale. 

This concentrate saves you time and efforts to feed the zooplankton enabling you to focus more on the fish and the lovely ones you actually grow.

Price : 20 USD/Liter (or less with bulk purchase)

1:2000 ratio to make ready-to-use green water for your culture

Thai Fairy Shrimp Composition

Moina macrocopa Composition

Moina macrocopa composition (% dry weight) (cultured with Chlorella sp.)

Protein 58.51%, Fat 8.2%, Carbohydrate 11.04%, Moisture 10.55%, Fiber 5.59% and Ash 6.11%

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