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SeaThru COUNTER can count 
with  > 95% accuracy in 10 seconds*

NEW! SeaThru COUNTER Mobile
(LINE OA chatbot version)

“SeaThru COUNTER Mobile offers an innovative and user-friendly solution for aquaculture professionals. Harnessing the power of advanced mobile technology, it provides fast, accurate, and hassle-free counting for a variety of aquatic species, including fish and shrimp. Designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in hatcheries and farming operations, this app streamlines the counting process, allowing for real-time data access and management directly from your smartphone. Ideal for on-the-go monitoring, SeaThru COUNTER Mobile revolutionizes aquaculture management by delivering precision and convenience right at your fingertips.”

*API is also available for app/web/service integration.

LINE OA : SeaThru COUNTER Mobile

Black Soldier Fly and other Insect Larvae — click below link

for Insect larvae counting, please click here

Larva icons created by Nadiinko – Flaticon

SeaThru COUNTER (Hardware)

The SeaThru COUNTER, a cutting-edge hardware solution by Algaeba, revolutionizes aquaculture by offering precise, rapid counting of shrimp and fish postlarvae. Designed for robustness and ease of use, it significantly enhances hatchery efficiency and transparency, ensuring accurate stock management and sustainable farming practices.

Due to COVID-19, demonstration onsite is difficult.

Below is the demonstration of SeaThru COUNTER clip excerpted from Online Show (IT24hr by Earn). Please enjoy watching.

Testimony from our customers (tilapia hatchery)

Listen to Amorn Luengnaruemitchai. Managing Director of Manit Genetics (Manit Group Company) about Algaeba’s SeaThru COUNTER and how it is used to speed up and improve the company operation’s efficiency. 

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Testimony from our customers (shrimp) 

Listen to Somprasong Metthip, partner of Lukkungsetthi Farm about Algaeba’s SeaThru COUNTER on how it is used in the QC process during the packaging process. 

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Testimony from our customers (Tilapia R&D)

Listen to Kongphob Umpolsak, Director of Pathumthani Aquatic Animal Genetics Research and Development Center, on how SeaThru COUNTER can help him and his team to speed up and standardize the tilapia genetic development process. 

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The most accurate and affordable fish fry and egg counting device. This page is for fish fry and eggs (including yolksac) counting device ONLY.

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Counting > 97% accuracy

+ Count up to 1,500 fries/yolksacs and 6,000 eggs
+ Accuracy > 97%
+ Less than 1 minute preparation and counting
+ Tilapia, Climbing Perch, and more to come


Non-destructive Measurement

+ With our method, fish fries are kept alive untouched

+ After measurement, all postlarvae are healthy and make buyers happier


Social report with
a click

+ share your results to colleagues and buyers in one click

+ support “LINE” right now


3 simple and easy steps

To use our SeaThru COUNTER, it ONLY takes 3 steps to finish the counting.

1. Pour samples to provided bowl

+ No need to change water
+ If new water is used, better results are expected
+ Up to 10 liters of water

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2. Place the bowl in our SeaThru COUNTER

+ Place the bowl with samples in our SeaThru’s Counter
+ Wait a few seconds to settle the samples for better results 

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3. Push “fish” button

+ No need to change water
+ If new water is used, better results are expected
+ Leftover feed/debris will not be counted

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