Month: June 2564

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Algaeba in local news (English translation)

https://www.sasin.edu/content/news/sprint_algaeba“ Excerpt from the article “The word unicorn is not something I hope for. Since our company makes products that is hardware with IOT mixed with software, that is, its mobile application cannot compete in growth rate with platforms that are purely software based. I do not think we can become unicorns any time soon,…
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June 23, 2564 0

Algaeba as Thailand’s representative in CES 2021 (virtual)

Algaeba was at CES 2021 (Virtual CES 2021) and showed case SeaThru COUNTER to the world.This marked another milestone for Algaeba and team. Many thanks for all supports along the way. EP31 Startup ไทยที่ไปโชว์ผลงานระดับโลกด้านการเกษตรใน CES 2021 by Ceemeagain | Free Listening on SoundCloud

June 8, 2564 0