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Shrimp postlarvae
Selling process and Increase your profit

SeaThru COUNTER can count 
with  > 95% accuracy in 15 seconds*

Current Situation

Art of Cultivation

These shrimp larvae are tiny living creatures. They need cares from operators at hatchery in every detail. Sometimes, things don’t go forward as planned.
Shrimp hatcheries worldwide relies on skilled operators and independent knowledge to handle problems.
Precision monitor and control are almost impossible with current methods.

What if?

Art & science in harmony within your shrimp hatchery

With our technology, every step of larval growth can be monitored and controlled precisely. Reliable production, higher productivity, and hiqh quality postlarvae can be expected from our solution.

Our Solutions

1. SeaThru’s Counter : Help you count and size your postlarvae in less than 1 minute with > 95% accuracy
2. SeaThru’s Bolt-ON : Help you monitor and guide the hatchery operator the proper protocol to maximize the profiability
3. Microalgae Concentrate : Help you produce more PLs with existing tanks and improve survival rate upto 40% with our formulations

SeaThru’s Counter

Our 1st spin-off product from SeaThru series.
This SeaThru’s Counter makes counting and sizing the postlarvae (PL) as simple as using microwave at home.
Upto 3,000 PLs can be counted and upto 250 PLs can be sized at one time.
This is applicable to white shrimp and giant river prawn PLs. 

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SeaThru’s Bolt-ON

Our upcoming product from SeaThru series will be a bolt-on device placing on top of your existing tanks. This helps monitor the larvae and guide you what to do next.

Can be tailored to your species and configuration of your hatchery.

Microalgae Concentrate

We can provide your hatchery with microalgae concentrate (mono species or formulated) to suit your need when you need it. With our concentrate, hatchery can increase their production and manage the production schedule easily without intensive capital investment.

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For commercial fish and shrimpFor aquarist in Thailand only

Our Team

We are ready to help feed the world with sustainable aquaculture

Chetnuwat Danlaphon

Co-founder & COO

8 years in microalgae & zoo-plankton cultivation, and crustacean larval rearing

Our Whisperer

Kunn Kangvansaichol, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

11 years in renewable and bioenergy R&D project manager

6 filed patents  

Bordyn Cheevatanakornkul

Co-founder & CTO

18 years in hardware design and development

Love to see artificial intelligence helping aquaculture and agriculture industry

Dr.Sorawit Powtongsook

Project Advisor from ITAP, NSTDA

Research Group Director
Integrative Aquaculture  Biotechnology Research Group
National Center for Genetic Enginering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)

Latest News

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