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BIOTEC and Algaeba team up on government granted project to advance the aquaculture industry

Dr. Sorawit from BIOTEC, NSTDA met with Dr.Kunn and Chetnuwat, at Algaeba for the follow up meeting on project granted by ITAP to Algaeba. We will start the system as soon as next week to see how our unit works.

July 23, 2562 0

Algaeba @ Startup Spotlight 2018, Boston

Algaeba, for the 1st time, exhibited at the leading startup event in Boston, USA in June 12, 2018. There are interests from the audience. We have moved to the next level from this event. This event is part of our mission organised by MIT Enterprise Forum, IDE at UTCC Thailand, and Food Innopolis as a…
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July 3, 2561 0

Algaeba won 3rd Place in MIT Enterprise Forum in Thailand

 Algaeba joined the MIT Enterprise Forum 2018 in November 2017 through the Food Innopolis track. After an extensive workshop of 3 months, we won the 3rd prize in the competition. Therefore, we are entitled to join the MIT Deep Dive bootcamp at MIT, Boston MA,  in June 2018.  Along the the winners, CMIT Robotics (1st…
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May 7, 2561 0

Algaeba conducted product trial with Farida Hatchery

Algaeba teamed up with Farida Hatchery, in Chachoengsao Province during January 2018 conducting product trial. The result was promising with confidence that Algaeba’s Chaetoceros Concentrate can be used in the hatchery without any problem.  Algaeba will be conducting another trial to confirm the true benefit of our product in March-April at Algaeba’s Facility. 

February 19, 2561 0

Angel Investor Site Visit

Ponsan, one of our angel investors, paid a visit to early days of Algaeba. He discussed some of the applications of microalgae with Chetnuwat, our COO. 

February 19, 2561 0

Algaeba made it to the final pitching round at Sprint Accelerator Thailand 2018

  Algaeba made it to final round of Sprint Accelerator Thailand, the 1st Deep Tech Accelerator in Thailand. Although we didn’t win the prize, we got more experiences that we will use to improve our business and make it a successful venture. Thank you #SprintAcceleratorThailand #SprintGraduate1 #SasinEntrepreneurship #SCG #TCELS #HoustonTechnologyCenter #KX

February 18, 2561 0

The benefits of using microalgae concentrates in your aquaculture business

There are multiple benefits of using microalgae concentrates in aquaculture industry. First, you get higher revenues because you can convert your existing algae facility area to grow your products not algae. Second, you have no problems growing algae due to rainy or too sunny season. You have constant supply of algae to suit  your production…
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February 10, 2560 0

Microalgae Concentrates

The video above shows how microalgae concentrate of Nannochloropsis oculata can be used at diluted medium. The concentrate is of Nannochloropsis oculata at 10% dry weight. This give a 1:500 to 1:1000 ratio for the use in aquaculture including rotifer, copepod, daphnia, and bivalve. For those interested in this microalgae concentrate, please contact info@algaeba.com

February 1, 2560 0

Hello Aquaculture World

Welcome to Algaeba ! We would like to create a better aquaculture by providing continuous supply of microalgae to the hatcheries, so what they need to do is to busy grow their products not busy grow their feeds. Algaeba Team Kunn, CEO/Founder

January 11, 2560 0